• Brianna Sweyd

Fashion Among Oak Ridge Students

The Oak Ridge campus is very unique, with lots of diversity and creativity, and what’s one way that creativity is expressed? Through one’s fashion, of course! When looking around, one can see several different unique fashions, but how would the students describe their own wardrobes? One student described their general sense of fashion as “casual”, while another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, claimed their sense of style is “either British schoolboy or indie kid style, if not just lazy”. When asked the question “how would you describe your sense of style”, sophomore student Michael McCusker reported that “if it’s comfortable I’ll wear it”. The same question was asked to the student Jay Wang, who described their style as “A mix of feminine alt/emo”, and Laila Loeffler described her style to be “street style”, showing an abundant variety of creativity and expression among Oak Ridge’s students.

All the different fashion preferences make one wonder, is there any inspiration to influence students? Surprisingly, half the students interviewed said they draw no inspiration from people in regards to clothes. Although, two students interviewed said that they mainly drew inspiration from social media platforms, such as Pinterest. One student, who also wishes to stay anonymous, said that they “draw inspiration from Pinterest and usually search up keywords like Dark Academia or Cottagecore aesthetic”, newly emerging subcultures found primarily on social media such as TikTok. A few students also answered that their inspiration is drawn from popular pop culture, such as bands. For example, Jay Wang’s inspiration was “emo/rock groups and My Chemical Romance”. Laila Loeffler also draws inspiration from pop culture figures, with her main inspiration being the popular model Gigi Hadid, showing that inspiration could strike from anywhere or anyone.

Every wardrobe also has an essential piece, whether it be a special and beloved accessory or a reliable jacket that never fails to keep you warm in the winter. Jay Wang said that their essential wardrobe pieces include wallet chains, rings, and boots. Laila Loeffler’s wardrobe staple are her shoes as well. One student said his plaid jacket is his essential piece, and another student said that their sweatshirt is essential to them. Another student said that their baggy jeans are essential, and another said that their collection of white button-up shirts is essential, as they find it to be a nice neutral garment. As everyone has a favorite wardrobe piece, where are their favorite places to get said pieces? Students said stores such as Pacsun, Tillys, Nordstrom, Kohls, DollsKill, Hot Topic, thrift stores, Ross, H&M, and Amazon.

Whenever someone chooses an outfit to wear to school in the morning, there's always some form of a priority when picking it out, so what is that priority to the students of Oak Ridge? Michael McCusker said his main priority is the comfortability of the outfit, this aligned with two other students who prioritize comfort in an outfit. Freshman student Dylan Woodley also prioritizes athleticism in an outfit. One student’s main priority for the outfit is that it looks cute, and another stated that her main priority is for everything to match. Another student said that they prioritize what colors are featured in their outfit, stating that “If the colors don't look nice together I will not wear it to school. I usually stick to either more browns and whites or grays and blacks.” Priorities set for one’s outfit typically showcases one’s general sense of fashion the most, and with so many different priorities, there are a multitude of fashion senses throughout Oak Ridge High School, perfectly showcasing Oak Ridge’s creative diversity.