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Hands4Hope Even CASA Fundraiser

Recently an Oak Ridge High School Club has decided to help support CASA with their noble cause. For a few months Hands4Hope Even has been working around the clock to plan and support this organization of their choice. What is Hands4Hope you may ask? Well, it’s a nonprofit organization that encourages youth to lead and make a difference in their communities. Earlier in the year, the club voted out of a variety of organizations and chose CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates - to support. CASA helps children in specialized situations and provides them with an adult mentor to help give them a voice for their best interest, aiding these kids until they are in a permanent home. The youth so far have been having meetings biweekly, leading organization and planning of fundraising and outreach through their Awareness and Fundraising committees. Their end goal is to spread awareness to their community as well as their school and raise $1500 to sponsor a CASA trainee. So far, they’ve taken action by teaming up with Chipotle in Folsom, California. On Saturday, March 13th, ⅓ of certain proceedings at 1001 East Bidwell Street went towards fundraising. In the future, Hands4Hope Even plans to host a raffle event as well as collect donations by furthering partnerships with local businesses. If you want to understand more about Hands4Hope as well as CASA refer to the links provided below. Be on the lookout for further Hands4Hope event information at the @orhs_hands4hope Instagram - any further support would be appreciated to help advocate for children in challenging circumstances!

Hands4Hope: https://www.hands4hopeyouth.org

CASA: https://nationalcasagal.org